How Beauheit is shaped by its distinctive qualities and incredible ingredients.

Our Philosophy

Holistic Approach

WE BELIEVE IT IS OUR DUTY as a cosmetic company to think further than just the content of our products and look at it from a holistic point of view – One that also incorporates the transportation of ingredients, the production process, packaging, and source of the energy used to produce our products.

We believe that we can reach a cleaner and healthier society if we all act more responsibly and start thinking in a greener and more sustainable fashion.

At Beauheit we develop fully sustainable products:
100% of our production runs on wind energy from Danish windmills, and all of our facilities are fully CO2 neutral.

We work hard to always deliver exquisite products infused with nature and all of our passion for sustainable beauty.

Natural, Clean, Healthy

When at all possible, we use organic ingredients, often derived from other productions such as circular passion fruit oil, pomegranate oil, sea buckthorn, and apple extract – all of which are upcycled. That means less waste overall, and therefore a much lower carbon footprint, than making all ingredients from scratch.

Our products are made according to ISO 16128 Standards for natural and organic cosmetics.


We conduct our own research and development in-house in close dialog and cooperation with raw material specialists worldwide to ensure that we implement the newest research and science into our products.

Organic, Fair Trade, Circular, Vegan, Cruelty-free

We use green surfactants based on easy renewable sources like corn, potatoes, and wheat.
We are conscious about sourcing as locally as possible when it comes to raw materials and packaging as this saves cosmetic mileage.

We avoid suppliers that use irradiation, sulphonation, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde, or treatment using mercury because it is harmful to the environment.

Join us in our pursuit for a greener society, and nourish your skin and hair with the best of nature along the way!


We use 100% recyclable packaging.

We are extremely conscious about the correct disposal of the waste generated from our production, and we avoid using harmful chemicals in our day-to-day cleaning and maintenance.