”Beauty for You, Beauty for the Earth”

Packaging with a purpose

All our suppliers are sustainable and environmentally friendly. They carry the same core values as our company does.


Several of our products, such as Shampoos, Hair Sprays, or Face Sprays are made from rPET.

rPET is a recycled version of the widely used PET material, and as such results in a much smaller carbon footprint than newly made PET.

What does this mean for you?
By using products made from recycled materials, you help minimize the need to extract raw materials, and help negate some of the ocean pollution that harms marine life and ecosystems.


Our Glass products such as Boosters, Sealers, and Beauty Oils are made from a high-quality, durable recycled glass that supports the EU Resource Efficiency Roadmap.

We use glass with heavy-metal-free colors that are not only safe, but keeps the same high quality that we look for in our materials.

Glass is one of the few endlessly recyclable materials. It can be recycled over and over without losing quality and purity. The process of recycling glass also requires less energy usage compared to making it from scratch, from raw materials.

What does this mean for you?
By using products made from recycled glass, you help minimize the CO2 emissions associated with glass production, and help support the growing industries for glass collection, sorting and recycling.