Beauty & Nature comes together to care for your skin & hair

The name BEAUHEI::T /bo-heit/ is derived from the French and German words for BEAUTY.

The four dots in our name symbolize our DNA:

Concentrated products with a high amount of active ingredients with scientific proof to back up their claims to ensure good functionality and a nice, comfortable skin feel. But most importantly it means achieving satisfactory results.

We strive to take responsibility in relation to customers, employees, and our local community. It also involves sourcing fair trade ingredients and employing people with special needs. But above all, it means keeping your word.

We want to serve our customers’ specific needs, requirements, and wishes; be it to fight crow’s feet, counteract the effects of hard exercise or decrease pore size.

Working in an environmentally friendly manner such as using raw materials from easily renewable sources like potatoes, corn, and wheat; using wind energy; or using organic, circular, and fair trade ingredients.

But sustainability also means being conscience of saving water by not using ingredients that consume a lot of water when produced such as avocado, producing water-free products when water is not needed, and using recycled Pet bottles that in a “former life” were drinking bottles, or being a cruelty-free and vegan brand.

BEAUHEIT is a premium, no-gender, no-age range for the environmentally aware and quality-conscious YOU who are concerned about our planet but still expects beauty products of exquisite quality for a holistic and circular beauty routine.