The Golden Elixir for Your Skin

Sea Buckthorn is more than just a colour for our products!

Our core philosophy is rooted in practices and activities we make every day. We carefully select natural ingredients that serve our skin and hair. Beautiful colorings in your products can sometimes hurt your skin or scalp and we are on a mission to change that! We use Sea Buckthorn as a coloring in our sealers which gives them a light golden color. But besides the luxurious shade, it adds an extra treatment for your skin.

What’s in it for you?


At the heart of Sea Buckthorn’s magic lies Vitamin A in the form of carotenoids. With a whopping 200 mg per 100 g, this vitamin isn’t just for show; it’s a rejuvenating force for your skin. Imagine your skin cells renewing like clockwork, wrinkles fading away, and your complexion radiating youthfulness. That’s the transformative power of Vitamin A in Sea Buckthorn, and it’s the secret to our Sealers’ regenerative and anti-wrinkle properties!


Sea Buckthorn contains Vitamin C, which is approximately 15 times higher than in oranges! This superhero vitamin isn’t just an antioxidative hero; it helps the skin fight against harmful UVA and UVB radiation. But that’s not all; Vitamin C also evens out your skin tone, leaving you with a glowing look.

Rejuvenation Sealer № 315

(6 customer reviews)

Supports the skin to build Collagen XVIII, which provides firmness and elasticity to the skin hence reduction of skin roughness and wrinkles. 50ml.  



Phenolic acids are a class of compounds that belong to the broader group of phytochemicals, which are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants. They are strong antioxidants and keep healthy microflora. Picture them as the protectors of your skin’s ecosystem, ensuring peace and harmony.

With Sea Buckthorn, your skin thrives in a healthy environment.


When your skin feels dry, irritated, rough, flaky, or itchy (especially after sun exposure), Sea Buckthorn calms it down. It offers immediate relief, nurturing your skin back to health and vitality.

All BEAUHEIT Sealers contain
Sea Buckthorn colouring

Healthier Skin Sealer № 310

Healthier Skin Sealer № 310 calms sensitive skin by strengthening the blood vessels and the skin barrier function. 50ml.


Healthy Scalp Sealer № 311

Healthy Scalp Sealer № 311 is a holistic pre-biotic solution to ensuring a healthy scalp microbial environment with more comfort. 50ml.  


Hydration Sealer № 312

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Hydration Sealer № 312 creates a hydric barrier with increased moisture which acts as a barrier against dehydration of the skin and protects against pollution and UVA damage. 50ml.  


At BEAUHEIT, we believe in the power of Sea Buckthorn as the whole proven science behind it. Our Sealers are more than skincare products; they are a celebration of your skin’s health and radiance.

Incorporating Sea Buckthorn into our BEAUHEIT beauty range has been a game-changer. Elevate your skincare routine and forget about breakouts, redness, irritation, or any challenge you might have been suffering. We are here to help you on your journey to have glowing and healthy skin without imperfections!